About Us.

Natak Factory was founded with a deep rooted passion for creative arts in our country, spreading its wings over wide range of ventures where we touch multiple dimensions of creative arts, carrying a 60 year old on stage theatrical legacy forward with gandharva dramatics, developing  process of a continuous contribution towards our cultural heritage by passing on the in-depth knowledge, beliefs and understanding about our ancestral art-forms to the people through natya school of performing arts, giving a platform to various budding talents and incubating creative minds at Kalagrah - House of Performing arts, giving a all new creative & fresh dimension to film & media industry with pomo media, Natak Factory a wide spread umbrella where ideas begin and we nuture them to reality. 

Venkat Murthy

S Venkat N Murthy


Film Maker | Speaker | Philanthropist

Being in love with theatre his whole life, Venkat started performing on stage since in the age of 11, in 2006 Venkat Directed one of biggest productions of the city of Hyderabad an adaptation of a Marathi film "Sangeet Ki Katar" this majestical musical play was applauded by the twin city. Intrigued with his storytelling skills and making crowds awe, he taught himself how to create a grande experience for audiences in the world of theatre. From watching to writing plays and numerous stories, he further mastered this craft and was able to write and direct a full scale broadway production. Growing up listening to historical sagas like Ramayan and Mahabharat. Venkat naturally embraced the larger than life stories and started creating productions that were not only grandeur but a visual feast for the audience.

Murthy Co-Founded Natak Factory, a growing media network and house of brands that offers multicultural storytelling experiences. Having a Bachelor's Degree of Film Making ( Direction and Editing), Venkat has directed more than 15 Independent Films and Acted in over 25 Independent Films, a noted one among them is "falak" which was among the few short of the week selected by Royal Stag Barrel Select Large Short Films.

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S Gopala Murthy


Writer | Photographer | Philanthropist

Gopala Murthy is an accomplished entrepreneur, writer, creative director, and theatrical producer. Traveling throughout the year working with artists in all spectrums, Gopala works to write and produce stories that inspire humans to consider their relationship with the truth, while promoting the preservation of the national heritage of performing arts. Gopala Co-Founded Natak Factory where he went on to produce over 50 theatrical productions ranging from musicals to epic mythologies.


Genesis 1960

Celebrating 6 Decades Of Legacy

Our Story started in 1960, when a village boy from the southern part of the country started to perform professional theatre shows in the early 60s, Pursuing bachelors in arts along with honing his craft one performance at a time his interest in plays grew more and decided to pursue his passion for theatre and performing arts as a career and moved to the national capital to join a course be part of one the most prestigious institution for performing arts into the vert first batch of National School of Drama and passed with flying colors and went on to be awarded the Girish Ghosh Award in 1967, He then went on to become the Director of Song and Drama division for Government of India and worked extensively to spread the art of theatre and performing arts pan India, He was later posted to Imphal, Manipur to lead the division of Government of India. He curated enormous amounts of theatre plays and dance performances with his passion for theatre and storytelling. With his stunning performances across the country, he had won hearts of people and several directors of film fraternity who went to offer several films but were always politely declined as he quoted his motto  "I am a theatre artist, I am born for the stage and would die on stage", amongst these were many names including southern directors "Bapu & Ramana" and many to count. As not many good things are forever long run so was the life of Samudrala Gopala Murthy who died in an accident at very young age in Delhi.

As they say, the show must go on, the passion was picked up by his wife Samuradala Rama Gopala Murthy who then served more than 5 decades in song and drama division (Govt. Of India), latter on the passion was continued by third-generation Samudrala Gopala Murthy's grandsons S Gopala Murthy & S Venkat N Murthy have taken up the responsibility to continue the legacy and to raise the bar of performing arts in India.